The 8th edition of the Symposium of “Functional Genomics of the Liver” (GFF) will be held from 26 to 28 February 2020 in Rennes, at the Couvent des Jacobins.

Every two years, the GFF symposium brings together the scientific and medical community involved in studies on the physiopathology of the liver, including liver differentiation and regeneration, metabolism, inflammation, fibrosis / cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, metabolic disorders, cancers….

For the 8th edition, the group “CHIEF” (French cohort of patients with Hepatocellular carcinomas) and the National Network of Liver-biobanks will join the GFF symposium.

The program consists of 7 sessions, each of which begins with a lecture given by a leading European expert in the field. This year’s program will include two exciting new sessions, namely “New Frontiers in Hepatology” and “New Opportunities and Practices in Hepatology”.

Oral communications and poster presentations will be selected for each session.

Session 1 : New frontiers in hepatology

Session 2 : Metabolism

Session 3:  Tissue repair

Session 4 : Cancerology 1

Session 5 : Cancerology 2beigene

Session  6: Virology

Session 7 : New opportunities and practices in hepatology roche

A general public conference will be held on February 25 at the Espace des Sciences by Bernard Nordlinger

Health and Artificial Intelligence

As with each edition, awards will honor the best oral presentations and posters of the symposium. The French Association will award the prize for the best oral communication for the Study of the Liver (AFEF).

We hope you will enjoy both the scientific program and the networking opportunities, and we look forward to meeting you in Rennes

Local Organizing Committee

Karim Boudjema, Eric Chevet, Bruno Clément, Anne Corlu, Cédric Coulouarn, Julien Edeline, Bernard Fromenty, Dominique Guyader, Dominique Lagadic, Olivier Loréal, Pascal Loyer, Orlando Musso, Michel Samson, Bruno Turlin.

Scientific Committee

Jean-Claude Barbare, Bruno Clément, Chantal Desdouets, David Durantel

Administrative and logistics coordination committee

Patricia Jouas, Michèle le Guennec, Adina Pascu, Thomas Poussou

Supported by afef

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